Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cricut Imagine

Imagine More

Imagine More Cards


Country Carnival

Other Cricut cartridges

Boys will be boys

MS All Occasions cake art

Walk in My Garden

Imagine More- Sun was printed and cut using the layered feature. Image page 4 handbook.

Imagine More Cards- Journal tag- page 15 handbook.

Hopscotch- Cloud was printed and cut using the Imagine cloud shape.

Cloud print page 5 handbook.

Country Carnival- I printed a full sheet using the print on page 54 handbook. This was used to create the print background element at the base of the layout. Also to create the flowers and stems. The blue background card used for this layout was from my stash and was not created using the imagine.

Boys will be Boys- Trikes - page 36 handbook colour palette (Hopscotch) printed and cut 2.5. I used the fit to page feature to get all the cuts on one sheet of white card stock. The word zoom was printed and cut @ 1.3 colour palette (Hopscotch) Shadow was cut @ 1.4 rgb black.

MS All Occasions cake art-Grass colour palette (Hopscotch) printed and cut @ 1.5. page 85 handbook. Banneret printed and cut @ 1.5 colour palette (Hopscotch).

Walk in my Garden- Flowers cut @ 1.3 page 85 handbook. Caterpillar was printed and cut @1.4

Other items used to create this layout buttons, string, pop dots, ink Vera Color 55 Umber, Dimensional Magic and Pritt Gel.